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CANEVAS is the collaboration of four art therapists who value humanistic and creative qualities. Having gained experience in different fields of interest, we decided to join forces and create an innovative art therapy centre founded on the values of social responsibility and inclusiveness. Our mission is to offer art therapy services to those who wish to find well-being through the exploration of their creative potential. Our objective is to establish a socially responsible practice in which both the client and therapist contribute to the welfare of the community, through a new economic model named Canevas in waiting.

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Our Model

Our centre is modeled on the pending coffee movement and our main objective is to make art therapy services more accessible and inclusive. Our commitment is to contribute a percentage of every paid art therapy session, without increasing fees, to a fund created to give free art therapy sessions to those who may not be able to afford our services.

A tradition of kindness and generosity

The pending coffee movement is a tradition that began in Naples, Italy after World War II. On a cold winter morning, a customer decided to pay for two coffees: one for himself and one to be given to a person who could not afford it.

For more information on the eligibility criteria and availability of our Canvas in waiting services contact us at : 514 223-0531

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Notre équipe

The four of us:
complementary in our strenghts.

Mental health. Addictions. Cognitive impairments. Deafness and hearing impairments. Self-esteem and personal growth. Life challenges. Child psychiatry. Caregivers. LGBTQ.

Our professional art therapists have master's degrees in art therapy and are members of the Quebec Association of Art Therapists (AATQ)

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