L'art-therapie est un domaine qui soulève parfois les questionnements suivants :

Absolutely not. No artistic background or experience is required to engage in therapy since the focus is on the process and not the product. Sometimes, the less experience the better since the client feels free to focus on self-expression rather than the end result.

Art therapy can be a very powerful therapeutic tool; however it might not be right for you. We recommend committing to a few sessions to see if this is the right treatment modality for you.

Art therapy is for everyone as it is part of human nature to find a creative outlet. Art therapy is for everyone who wishes to engage in a creative healing process of self-exploration and growth.

Everyone's therapeutic journey is different. The duration of treatment depends many factors such as personal therapeutic goals. The art therapist might give recommendations but the client is always the one who can judge what they need. The client is free to end art therapy sessions or continue with treatment as they feel best.

In addition to providing emotional release, facilitating communication and creativity, art therapy is an empowering and self-reflective process, which has the benefits of enhancing self-esteem, gaining insight, experiencing new perspectives on a recurrent difficulty, improving concentration, reducing anxiety and stress.